Antenna Aimpoint Integration For Staring Mode Surveillance

This was a fun project! We created a wireless air to ground data link that was capable of 250 Mbits/sec. The same algorithm and math can be used for pointing sensors.

Abstract: Current persistent surveillance approaches require robust designs to maintain a fixed operational picture. In this paper, we design, develop, and demonstrate a feasible aimpoint solution. In the design, we derive the mathematical transformation requirements to show a system-level design. Using the transformations, we develop an operational methodology for real-time and robust aimpoint solution that includes a ground antenna, and an aircraft with a gimbal mounted camera and data link. Finally, we demonstrate a workable prototype with real-world results. The AIMS methodology supports communication timing constraints, a closed-loop feedback for error correction, and a succinct, efficient, and effective method for maintaining persistent surveillance.

Publicly released source code designed for 32 bit Linux RHEL 5. The code is simple and should be easily adaptable to any operating system and hardware.

Links to paper, presentation, and code: