Raspberry PI Touch Screen with Chromium Web Browser

For my birthday my lovely Wife got me a Raspberry Pi Touch Screen that is made by the Raspberry Pi foundation. This is a 7" display at 800x480 resolution with 10 point capacitive touchscreen. The screen is easy to install with no soldering required. You can see first hand how easy it is to install with this youtube video:

After setting up the screen I then installed the Chromium web browser with the instructions from this forum post. If you read the entire blog post you will discover the author "kusti8" actually compiled Chromium from source code and posted the packages on dropbox. I used the commands in the first post and everything worked great. For those that are curious about performance I captured the Raspberry Pi 2 operating with Chromium in a youtube video and posted here:

When I get my hands on a Raspberry Pi 3 I will update the video to show off the Raspberry Pi 3's improved performance.