is switching to github pages

I have been running blog on a Rapberry Pi for a while and it has been working with no problems. But I wanted to try out github pages and thought moving would allow me to learn github pages. So over the weekend I moved to github pages and everything converted without a hitch. The site is still generated by Pelican static blog software. As an additional side effect I should see improved uptime. The images, pdf files, and zip files are hosted from my Google Drive. My Google Drive is upgrade to 100 GB for free because I purchased a Chromebook! I plan on blogging about my new Chromebook in the near future.

In some ways I will miss my Raspberry Pi but GitHub pages is free, I like the GitHub workflow, it increased my GitHub contribution count, it is worry free, and readers can now provide feedback via pull requests/issues. The only problem I ran into was how to work with large images, pdf files, and zip files with git. When the repository grew to a few mega bytes in size would time out when pushing changes. I got around this by hosting the images, pdf files, and zip files on Google Drive. By hosting the binary files on Google Drive the github repository contains nothing but text. Another option is to use git-lfs but using Google Drive didn't require additional software to be installed. I recommend checking out github pages + Google Drive + Pelican for your website.