The exofrills text editor

My favorite programming language has been Python for a long time. Nothing better than using a text editor written with your favorite programming language, which is what exofrills (aka xo) is. As the web site states "exofrills - when nano is too much". "xo" is the command line name of exofrills and it is almost as short as the 13 keys used in the text editor. I am most often in the shell so a editor that works in the shell with ssh is critical for me and that is what "xo" does, no x11 forwarding or sshfs. All I need is xo!!! xo is a little over 1,000 lines of code and uses the urwid Python module for terminal support. exofrills now use pygments-cache for much improved loading of text files, now xo is almost instantaneous. Check it out when you get the chance.